Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program

The Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP) consists of participation by leading U.S. universities, focusing on the development and demonstration of technologies and methodologies to support effective high performance computing in the context of science and engineering applications. The research performed by the universities in this program is discipline-focused to further predictive science and enabled by effective extreme scale computing. The predictive science that is a highlight of this program is based on verification and validation and uncertainty quantification for large-scale simulations.

PSAAP has a long-term goal to cultivate the next generation of scientists and engineers to support the ASC and Stockpile Modernization missions. These efforts establish academic programs for multidisciplinary simulation science and provide students the relevant experience for weapons code development through open science applications.

Program Management

PSAAP is managed by the NNSA Office of Advanced Simulation and Computing in collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories

David Etim, Federal Program Manager, NNSA


Current Awards

Notice of Funding Opportunity 

Notice of Funding Opportunity Here 
Application Deadline Sept. 30, 2024